Dining At London’s Ivy Victoria

Dining At London’s Ivy Victoria

Last weekend I had the pleasure of dining at the new Ivy Victoria, which has opened only recently in the space formerly occupied by Jamie’s Italian on Victoria Street. Like the Ivy Chelsea, where I have had many enjoyable meal the new Ivy Victoria is just splendidly beautiful. The place had been decorated with magnificent… Continue Reading

Dining In London With Style And Flair

Originally published at Forbes I was so pleased to learn that a new restaurant had opened up in my neighborhood. It is called Chucs, and is part of an ever-growing family of such restaurants around West London. I have never been to any of the siblings, but some of my friends have reported to me that they… Continue Reading

Culture Change in the Business Sector

During my tenure as chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, I have been continually reminded that when it comes to public scrutiny few industries receive more critical attention and less acclaim than the nuclear industry. It has also been my experience that few organisations have shown such ability to adapt to change. For… Continue Reading

Bar Crenn and Atelier Crenn

By Lady Barbara Judge at Forbes Last summer I had a party in France, and one of my guests brought her friend, Dominique Crenn.  Dominique was an elegant, charming woman – whom I immediately liked – and that was before I found out that she was a Michelin-star chef in San Francisco – with now… Continue Reading

Lady Barbara Judge: Chair of the Institute of Directors on how mother’s dementia battle helped inspire her ‘executive alumni’ scheme

by James Ashton at The Independent Lady Barbara Judge has quickly made herself comfortable at the Institute of Directors, changing the restaurant interiors at the venerable 112-year-old Pall Mall institution and getting the kitchen to bake the soft cookies she likes. Next up for the institute’s first female chair: displaying more paintings of women –… Continue Reading

Judge’s verdict: the best desserts

Originally published at The Telegraph In New York, then in Washington, and in Hong Kong where I lived before I came here, I used to throw parties I called “Bubbles & Sweets”. This meant just what it sounds like – 20 different desserts and champagne. For me the idea was to spend the whole year… Continue Reading