Judge’s verdict: the business breakfast

Originally published on https://www.telegraph.co.uk/

Last month I wrote about the joys of the Business Breakfast – and received so many suggestions that I felt obliged to venture out of my comfort zone and see how other people do it.

Rocco Forte’s reincarnation of the old Savoy at Brown’s Hotel on Albemarle Street was high on my list, because the old Savoy was my first British breakfast experience many years ago. The dining room at Brown’s reminded me of the venerable old River Room, and the people there looked like regulars (indeed, refugees from the old Savoy). The tables were far enough apart to have a private conversation, the head waiter had that same old-world charm, and the staff seemed to hark back to the English tradition of good, unobtrusive, thoughtful service. You know, the Downton Abbey kind.

The food was fine – perfectly cooked eggs and a lovely cinnamon bun nestled amid the pastries, which was a welcome and delicious surprise for those who think breakfast is a bore.

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