Empowering Women

Lady Barbara Judge: empowering women to pursue their business goals

With extensive experience in business and finance, Lady Barbara Judge is passionate about providing more opportunities for women in business. For a long time, the business world has been considered as a male-dominated field. Times are changing, however, and with that, new opportunities have opened up for women to take charge and have their voices heard. As a well-known businesswoman, she has been involved in multiple ventures in law, finance and nuclear energy. Having graduated with a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a Juris Doctor with Honors from New York University Law School, she has gained the expertise and skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. In fact, she was the first woman to serve as a Board Executive Director of the London merchant bank Samuel Montagu & Co.


Aware of the importance of education for achieving one’s career goals, Lady Barbara Judge has engaged in various academic commitments, all of which reflect her passion for encouraging women to pursue a career in business. Currently, she is the Honorary Visiting Professor of Leadership at Cass Business School, and, prior to that, acted as the Inaugural Chairman of the school’s Council for its Global Women’s Leadership Program. As the Trustee of the Lauder Institute at the Wharton School of Business, she has established a scholarship for female students, offering them both advice and guidance through her lectures as a keynote speaker. She has also granted a scholarship for women to SOAS University of London, where she is Chair of the governing body Advisory Council.

Lady Barbara Judge’s commitment to female empowerment can be observed in nearly all her business endeavors. She is a member of the Advisory Board of AccelerateHer, a women’s development firm that aims to create an environment where women are evaluated based on their skills and expertise, as opposed to their gender. In order to spread this message to a wider audience, she has been keynote speaker at various events that focus on women’s empowerment, particularly in banks and financial institutions. Notably, she was a keynote speaker at the WiN conference organized by Barclays Bank, where she was previously a senior advisor and focused on helping women in the organization achieve their career goals.

Having been awarded with the Forward Ladies Lifetime Achievement Award, Lady Barbara Judge uses her influence and position in various business ventures to open and pave the way for more women who want to start a business career. Considered one of Britain’s 100 most powerful women, she sets a great example for any woman aspiring to have a successful career in business.