Dining In London With Style And Flair

Originally published at Forbes

I was so pleased to learn that a new restaurant had opened up in my neighborhood. It is called Chucs, and is part of an ever-growing family of such restaurants around West London. I have never been to any of the siblings, but some of my friends have reported to me that they are very good. In any case, this new sister has much to recommend it, and I am told it is set to become the flagship restaurant of the family.  

One of the nicest features of this newcomer is that it is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is not usual in our part of town and is sorely needed. In addition, the chef has very good credentials, having worked for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in Westland Place. His expertise in Italian food is clearly evident on the menu. Also, the Sunday night that we went it was extremely crowded, but the excellent maître d’, who himself has an impressive pedigree having worked at Hakkasan, and for Corbin and King, did his best to find us a good table and offered excellent service.  

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