Judge’s verdict: The perfect pizza

Originally published at The Telegraph

I spent part of last summer at a conference called the World Federation of Scientists in Erice, a hill town in Sicily. After I finished my presentation on the second day, my mind started to wander to my favourite non-business subject – food – and where I could find something special to eat in this charming town. The answer was pizza, and the best in town was at Ulisse.

I Hoovered up one of Ulisse’s finest — purely in the interests of scientific research of course — and my effort was definitely worth it. The pizza was cooked on a huge stone fireplace and had a wonderful crust which tasted like focaccia bread, with big rolled edges around the outside and a thinner crust on the bottom. The fillings were delicious – mine had tomato, mozzarella, olives, onions and sausage. A small pizza was a whole meal. Indeed, it was a meal and a half, and I was at least that many pounds chubbier when I went home.

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